• Nick Herman

    Williams Metals and Welding Alloys

    The Cardello Building offered us everything we were seeking: great central location, free parking, and a host of extras including a complete workout facility and restaurant. We hope to be here for a long time.

  • Joyce Query

    i2 (i-squared)

    Over our years in business, we have been located through the city and suburbs. The Cardello Building is just perfect. It offers everything I need as a business owner and it offers amenities to my employees we have not found elsewhere.

  • Larry Hall

    MedPipe, Inc.

    We've rented in several areas in Pittsburgh; the nature of our business requires access to major interstates. The Cardello Building location and the amenities that they provide with the building are great. The security, ease of parking, and cafe are just a few of them. We are very pleased to be here!